After a Miraculous Rescue, Abandoned Dog Finds Her Happiest Moments

After Being Saved From The Nightmare, Abandoned Dog Lived Her Happiest Moments

There are many cold-hearted people in this world who are ready, without any empathy, to inflict harm on those who are the most sensitive to it.

Such things are able to destroy a heart and even destroy a life irretrievably. In those situations, we find ourselves in the dark… in the worst nightmare, and we think we will never wake up.

Fortunately, people with a big and soft heart always exist, and they are the light in the darkness that gives us all hope for love in this cruel world.

Waking Her Up From The Nightmare

a black dog resting its head on a pillow

“No, it never gets easier having to come face to face with pure cruelty like this case. But we do it for them. They’re survivors,”  posted on her Instagram profile on August 11, 2023.

This is a story about Coral… a dog that was saved from the darkness that cruel-hearted people put her in.

The founder of  located in Houston, Texas, came to pick up one poor dog that was locked in a dark room. She was found by the police a day ago.

The dog was part of an active cruelty case that left her with serious physical and emotional consequences. She was extremely emaciated and so exhausted that she could not stand on her feet.

Still, she was so happy that someone had found her and took care of her that she couldn’t stop wagging her tail while riding in the van.

an abandoned dog lies on a sponge

Caitie drove her straight to the vet because her poor health required immediate action. When they arrived, Coral hugged her like a baby. Caitie was very touched and thought about how long this poor girl had not felt true love.

a black rescued dog in a woman's arms

In addition to being extremely malnourished, the vets determined that Coral had a  and that she was heartworm-positive. Because of that, she had to stay in the clinic for one week.

However, this brave girl progressed very quickly, and soon, she was ready to finally go to her new, warm home where she would be truly loved.

Although they predicted that she would have to stay at the vet for at least a week, Coral was ready for home care after just 2 days.

a starving dog lies on the tiles

Caitie was very happy, but at the same time, worried because now, she saw how bad Coral’s condition really was. However, she did not want to give up on this sweet girl at any cost.

Feeling Truly Loved For The First Time

After so much time living in the dark, Coral was finally able to see light. Although she was still in very bad condition and was not even able to walk on her own, it was clear that she liked the warmth of her new home and that she was finally happy.

the rescued dog is lying down and looking at the camera

Still, Caitie knew there was a lot of work ahead of them, but she believed in this brave girl. Since she endured all that she had gone through until then, she would endure this as well.

Every day, Caitie took her out into the back yard of her home in Houston, where they worked together to regain her strength so she could walk again. It wasn’t easy at all, but this brave girl did her best.

a girl kisses a black dog

It was as if her face showed the hope that she would be able to overcome all this and come out even stronger. It was truly full of hope, love, and happiness.

Finally Felt Safe Enough To Let Go

a confused dog lies on the laminate
“The post I never thought I’d have to make for this perfect girl. I’m not even sure how to put into words how heartbroken I am. Coral passed away,” Caitie posted devastating news on her on August 19.

Despite immediate hospitalization, then following a very strict refeeding plan created by vet professionals, and giving her all the care and love she possibly could give her, her body just couldn’t hang on any longer.

Coral spent her last days in this world in the true happiness and love of the warm home she always deserved.

portrait of a black dog lying on a carpet

However, it was as if she was afraid that it would all pass quickly and that she would have to relive the nightmare from which she woke up not so long ago.

That’s why she decided to go to a better world in the light of the people who truly loved her. Although her foster mother was truly heartbroken, at the same time, she was happy that Coral lived at least some of the happy moments of her life with her.

She finally felt safe enough to let go. We believe that in a better world, this brave girl will forever be illuminated by light and that she will never sink into a bad dream again.

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